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Partner/Founder | (she/her)


A dedicated communications professional, Carmen has helped countless nonprofit communications and marketing professionals, theatre companies, and organizations as they kept pace with rapidly changing technology and media environments. Her strategic approach and thorough planning have helped clients succeed in designing and maintaining their web and social media presence, fundraising, and recruiting and managing volunteers. Carmen’s keen insights and grasp of the subject matter are exactly what you want in someone who is the key message crafter for your organization. These abilities are only exceeded by her creativity, originality, and true dedication to whatever is in front of her.

As a single mother, Carmen is proud of her daughter, Isabel, as she follows her passion for musical theatre in Chicago! Carmen is also a successful actress and vocalist in St. Louis having returned to the stage after a 25-year hiatus.

You can read more about Carmen and her theatrical pursuits at or listen to her a podcast where she interviews theatre artists and creatives called Places Please.

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Vibe Manager | Marketing Associate | (they/them)


Isabel is an actress and vocalist living in Chicago with their cockatiel and their best friend Julian.

When not on stage they help spread the word about HCMBS' wonderful clients and their work through her marketing efforts. Additionally, Isabel manages the vibe of not only HCMBS but of our clients as well. They ensure that their social media is on point, on-trend, and on time.

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Partner/Founder | (she/her)

Julz and Lilo.jpg

Julz is a solution-builder and business process optimizer. A proud product of serial entrepreneurial parents, Julz has an uncanny strength in listening and understanding a client’s challenges.


Julie has a phenomenal knowledge framework of the IT industry and remains current with internet technologies and web development techniques. With incredible professionalism, insight and high-energy, Julz is focused on finding and creating solutions for her clients that get the business results client’s intended.

Julz is a phenomenal artist whether with watercolors or behind the lens of her camera. 

When not mapping out a client’s business solutions on a whiteboard you can find Julz barefoot in her garden or at home with her husband, Paul, Quaker Parrot, Lilo, and cat, Vudoo.

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Project Manager | (she/her)


Becky brings 40 years of project management experience to HCMBS.  She starts by organizing the details of each project and getting input from those knowledgeable about the work or tasks involved. Through the life of the project, Becky stays on top of issues that threaten critical deadlines. Her passion for reaching closure on projects on time and within budget is seen to her as personal celebratory victories. She has been known as one to bring an energetic and positive spirit to every project she is involved in.


When not focused on helping businesses reach objectives through project management she enjoys being with her family and working in her flower gardens with help from new best friend, her cat Sweetpea.

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